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Why should you treat your sports injury at a Sports Injury Specialist Clinic Explained by Ortho

#SportsInjuryClinic #Sportsinjurytreatment #SportsinjuryDoctor A sports medicine doctor is a doctor who has extra training in conditions that often affect people active in sports. These doctors help prevent, treat, and manage a variety of injuries for their patients. Some work in emergency rooms. Others have a family, pediatric, or rehabilitation practice. Some sports medicine physicians are surgeons who specialize in bones and muscles (orthopedics). Keep in mind that both surgeons and non-surgeons can practice sports medicine and orthopedic sports medicine. If you need a surgical evaluation, be sure to look for a surgeon board-certified in orthopedic sports medicine. Sports doctors aren’t just for athletes. Anyone who exercises or just plays sports on weekends can get a sports injury. The first doctor you see maybe your primary care doctor. If he or she thinks you need specialized care, you’ll likely be referred to a sports medicine doctor.

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