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For a number of reasons, bursitis may occur, including Physical exercise, strenuous or frequent Trauma, or accident Infections Underlying rheumatic disorders such as gout and gout Inflammatory diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic erythematosus lupus. Irritation and swelling may be caused by too much friction and/or pressure on a bursa.

Repetitive movements or positions that may irritate the bursae around a joint include kneeling and leaning on one’s elbows excessively and/or prolongedly. In addition, a sharp blow to the front of the knee, the back of the elbow, or to the bone of the heel may lead to bleeding or too much fluid from the bursa, resulting in swelling. Infection-caused bursitis (septic bursitis) is rare.
The infection may be transmitted to the overlying skin as a result of a crack or puncture, scrape, or insect bite. Rarely, a chronically inflamed bursa may become compromised by bacteria circulating in the blood. For no known cause, bursitis may sometimes occur.

What if it is left untreated by BURSITIS?
Chronic (long-term) bursitis left untreated can lead to a build-up in the soft tissues of calcium deposits (calcific bursitis), resulting in irreversible loss of mobility to the tissues.

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