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If Knee Pain is keeping you from doing things that you love to do it is time to contact ASSIC Advanced Knee Replacement and Joint Treatment Clinic. We know it may sound scary getting this treatment but let us explain to you the 5 benefits of getting a knee replacement surgery.

Number 1 Most People will experience knee pain at some or that point in your life but having knee pain doesn’t always mean you need surgery, If the pain you are experiencing is severe and has affected your quality of life then ask yourself the question

Does my Knee pain keep me up at night?

Am I having trouble walking?

Do I experience pain every time I stand up?

Do I experience Knee while I drive or get out of the car?

Can I walk upstairs easily?

Am I taking too many pain medications and over the counter pain killers are not helping?

Yes, your answer is YES to some of most of the questions then its time for you to contact us. To see if Surgery is right for you? And we encourage you to get a second opinion from a doctor in your contact sphere as well.

We at ASSIC are headed by Dr. Pranjal Pipara who is a Qualified and Orthopedic Surgeon with over 10 years of experience in the field of Orthopedics and performed thousands of Procedures.

Number 2 Knee replacement is the most common joint replacement surgery and is a very safe procedure.

Every year more than 7 lacs procedures are performed in India for people aged between 35 to 65. In fact, 9 out of 10 people who have this surgery report immediate relief. More than 95 percent of people are satisfied with the results. These people have gone back to enjoy most of their daily activities and normal routine like cycling, walking, and playing with their kids. This is a very safe procedure and has not been knowing to deliver any serious complications after the surgery.

Number 3 Recovery time after the Knee replacement surgery differs from person to person but is relatively short if the person follows of Doctor’s Advice and stays on track of the routine and medications and exercises, he is asked to do. The key to recovering quickly is to follow all your doctor’s orders religiously and commit to a rehabilitation plan designed by the doctor for the specific patient with a physical therapist. It can take up to 3 months to regain all your strength depending upon your overall health and initiatives taken to improve your lifestyle and the condition of your knee before surgery.

Number 4 Keeping an active lifestyle is important for your general health and wellbeing. Whether you prefer going to the gym, walking outside, or playing sports? Staying active lowers your risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and much more. Remember if your Knee Pain is preventing you from moving getting a Knee replacement surgery may increase your chances of living a longer healthier life. A new Knee can offer better support and more stability on your feet which means fewer unexpected and dangerous falls.

Number 5 and the most important this surgery is 100% covered by Insurance (Depending on the type of insurance you have) this helps you to manage the pain in your knee doesn’t become a pain in your wallet. People with health insurance can breathe a sigh of relief. Insurance can cover your surgery if it is ordered by an Orthopedic Surgeon like the Doctors in our clinic.

So, there you have it five reasons for you to go for Knee Replacement Surgery so what are you waiting for call us now on Nine Nine Seven Nine Nine two two two two nine. Thank you for watching please do share this video with all your friends and families you might never know who might need this procedure.

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