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Knee and Joint Pain Doctor in Gujarat,India

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Knee and Joint Pain Doctor in Gujarat,India
The most common musculoskeletal complaint reported to health professionals is knee injuries. Over the past decade, the number of people attending their doctors for knee symptoms and problems has increased significantly.
With many parts, the knee is a complex joint, rendering it susceptible to injury. Two pairs of ligaments, which involve ligaments on either side of the knee, known as collateral ligaments, and two ligaments within the knee, known as the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) and the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), keep the knee together as a hinge joint. These ligaments also keep together the bones of the knee and help control the knee’s movements.
An ACL sprain or tear is one of the most common injuries to the knee. This happens more commonly during intense athletic workouts, car crashes, and work injuries. Athletes participating in high-demand sports such as soccer, football, and basketball (rapid stopping, changing paths, indirect contact from a hit) are more likely to injure their ACL. Some studies have shown that female athletes have a higher rate of ACL injury than male athletes.

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