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ACL Tear Treatment and Best ACL Surgeon in India

Signs and Symptoms that you need ACL Surgery

ACL Tear Treatment and Best ACL Surgeon in India


Extreme pain and swelling are the signs and symptoms of an ACL fracture or tear (sometimes followed by a popping sound and buckling of the knee), making it impossible for the patient to move or walk. The swelling and pain can resolve on its own if untreated, but the knee is likely to remain unstable and the patient risks causing more damage to the knee’s cushioning cartilage (meniscus). Additional signs include:
  • Loss of full-motion spectrum
  • Tenderness in the axis of the joint
  • Inconvenience while walking
A physical examination, which involves comparing the injured to the uninjured knee to help assess the condition of the ACL, will confirm the diagnosis of an ACL injury. According to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons, while magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) produces better images of soft tissues such as the ACL, it is typically not needed to diagnose a torn ACL.
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