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Pain Management after an Injury

Immediately after injury and surgery, as specified, the patient will feel discomfort and swelling around the knee. There are a variety of strategies that can be used to reduce pain.
Compression and Icing
R.I.C.E is the most reliable approach to follow. This is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. Icing inhibits the flow of blood from the arteries surrounding the knee and compression decreases the hemorrhaging of the fluid resulting from the operation.7 Directly after the ACL surgery, the procedure has proved to be more efficient and applicable. It helps to decrease discomfort, encourage healing, and increase the range of motion of the knee.
After the ACL procedure, as they add weight to the leg, the patient feels a lot of discomforts. The patient is expected to use crutches for a given time, depending on the kind of reconstructive surgery. Walking on the healed leg with some weight eliminates atrophy, ensures proper circulation of the blood, and maintains the stability of the knee. By using the complete weight-bearing technique, lengthening the leg often allows the knee to heal more easily. Patients are recommended to use walking crutches to avoid the discomfort that occurs from knee strain while using the weight-bearing technique.
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