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Knee Pain Specialist in Ahmedabad,Gujarat

Knee Pain Treatment in Ahmedabad,Gujarat

There are many knee injury prevention exercises. The following five exercises are frequently used in the rehab setting, but they can also be used to fortify the knee joint by improving its strength, stability, and mobility—or to help restore strength after you have completed physical therapy.
Leg Press: This exercise builds quad strength with no impact and little stress on the joint. You can work your legs together or separately for an additional challenge.
We recommend Sets/Reps: 2×10-12
Physioball Hamstring Curl: If you’re going to strengthen your quads, you need to strengthen your hamstrings to prevent an imbalance.
We recommend Sets/Reps: 2×12
Single-Leg Stance: It may seem simple, but this balance exercise improves knee stabilizer strength and balance. All you need to do is stand on one leg. For an additional challenge, rotate your body slowly to your left and right.
We recommend Sets/Duration: 2×30-60 seconds
Note: this drill can be repeated throughout the day up to three times.
Heel Raises: To finish building strength around your knee, work your calves with heel raises. Find a box or a stair and stand with your heels hanging off. Then pump your feet up and hold for one second before lowering.
We recommend Sets/Reps: 2×10-12
Calf Stretch: Place one foot in front of the other with your hands against a wall and bend your knees. You will feel a stretch in the back of your lower legs. Switch leg positions after each set.
We recommend Sets/Duration: 2-3×15-20 seconds each leg
Note: do this at the end of a workout
Hamstring Stretch: Place one foot on a waist-high stationary object like a chair and slowly lean forward to feel a stretch in your hamstring. Keep your back straight to avoid injury.
We recommend Sets/Duration: 2×15-20 seconds each leg
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