Advanced Sports Injury and Shoulder Treatment Clinic

About Us

ASSIC’s procedures are the next generation of orthopedic recovery that provide an alternative to surgery with superior outcomes. We offer the most advanced treatments available in India supported by an extensive outcomes database.


M.S. Ortho
Specializing in Joint Replacement
and Arthroscopic surgery
(Fellow Austria)

Dr. Pranjel Pipara, the head surgeon at Assic Clinic specializes in surgeries of Knee, Hip, Back & Shoulder Treatments.

Dr. Pranjel Pipara is actively treating all forms of sports injuries in professional and recreational athletes.ASSIC provides the full spectrum of solutions pertaining to sports injuries of joints and various shoulder problems.

Knee replacement with scientific surgical technique ensuring faster recovery, no pain, and earlier return to full activities of daily living.
ASSIC is one of its kind as it deals in treating Knee Problems, Shoulder Problems, and Sports Injuries in the young, seasoned athletes and recreational sports persons and also shoulder problems seen in both the sportsperson and in the geriatric age group.

Using the latest equipment and with the special expertise, the patient stands to achieve faster recovery along with full functional results in minimal time possible ensuring an early return to their daily routine or advance them futher


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Our passion well reflects in the fact that we set the industry standards when it comes to cure, care and comfort. To deliver International Class healthcare with a total service focus, by creating an institution committed to the highest standards of medical & service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge at affordable cost. Contact ASSIC to learn more about us.

Qualified Staff

We have team of doctors in various specialties who seek excellence through expertise, making ASSIC one of the leading Orthopedic Treatment Clinics in the world.

High Quality

We understand that when patients comes to us they are in great pain and we make sure they get the highest quality treatment to live their rest of their lives without Pain.

Precise Result

We Believe in delivering high quality results without compromising any of the international standards that we abide by at affordable cost with cashless facilities.

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction rating from all our clients and on platforms like PRACTO , JUSTDIAL, CLINICSPOT, GOOGLE,etc we have already achieved that.