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ACL Surgery in India

In the sporting world, anterior cruciate ligament injuries occur more frequently. A torn anterior cruciate ligament from a major knee injury is a typical outcome. The ACL is the knee joint’s main stabilizer. The muscles of the thigh and calf are secondary stabilizers of the joints of the knee. You usually have a rapid spinning movement with your leg fixed on the ground if you’ve broken your ACL. It is possible to hear a crack or pop and the knee normally swells up within a few hours. The ligament either breaks in half or is torn from the surfaces of the femoral or tibial. The ligament cannot heal itself completely broken. Partial tears may heal, but tendons are also stretched to make room for the knee. In certain movements, the anterior cruciate ligament rupture will cause the knee to become unstable. This normally happens when one pivot, like a sudden shift of direction. It looks like the knee is going to give way. Explains Dr. Pranjel Pipara the best ACL Surgeon/Orthopedic Surgeon in Gujarat, India

The other ligaments and cartilage in the knee may be weakened at the time of the injury. The medial collateral ligament can most frequently tear, and either the medial or lateral meniscus can tear. This can result in the knee joint locking

In order to minimize swelling and improve the range of motion through adequate exercises, initial treatment is necessary. To remove a fracture, an x-ray is taken and an MRI scan is periodically scheduled to further test the knee joint. The presence of bone bruising on the MRI scan is very normal. Explains Dr. Pranjel Pipara the best ACL Surgeon/Orthopedic Surgeon in Gujarat, India

For patients whose knees give way on repeated occasions, ACL reconstruction surgery is recommended. ACL surgery might not be appropriate if you have built up your thigh muscles and your knee does not give way. In order to maintain the knee for the future, there is a theoretical case for doing an ACL reconstruction. It has been found to have broken cartilage. Want to learn more click here to book a consultation with Dr. Pranjel himself

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Acl Surgery Cost In India

In India, ACL Reconstruction Surgery is one of the safest and result oriented treatments. Owing to the patient’s medical condition and the severity of the injury, the cost of surgery varies.

Some other variables fluctuating the cost of India’s ACL Reconstruction are:

  • Choice of the hospital
  • The Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Fees
  • Costs of routine diagnosis and examinations
  • Charges relating to follow-up treatment
  • Price of pharmacy and medicines
  • Number of days spent in a clinic
  • Live outside the hospital and hotel range
  • Selection of the hospital room and miscellaneous

Even if you consider all the factors that influence the cost of treatment, India’s ACL Reconstruction Surgery is available at a very reasonable price compared to others. When you make a comparison, the cost of care in the US is almost one-third.

ACL Surgery Cost in India

Frequently Asked Questions about ACl Surgery:

ACL Reconstruction Surgery is the surgical procedure to replace the damaged ligaments using the grafts. The grafts usually comprise of the tendons. The surgeons usually do not consider sewing the ligaments together because the repairing of graft fails over time. So, to provide the permanent solution; an orthopaedic surgeon chooses to go for ACL reconstruction surgery. However, the choice of grafting varies depending on the condition of the patient and the severity of the damage.

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The team of One Life medical tourism in India can help you in getting online assistance before the surgery and also for the follow-up after the surgery. Based on grafting, there are different types of ACL Reconstruction Surgeries. Read more about the types of ACL Reconstruction Surgeries below.

Types of ACL Reconstruction Surgery:


 They are two types of ACL Reconstruction Surgery based on grafting; they are:

In this method, the doctor replaces the damaged ligaments using the grafts from a deceased or dead donor.


 Depending on the wear and tear of ligaments, the surgeon may opt for: The surgeon opts for allograft reconstruction surgery only when autografting is not possible. Autograft ACL Reconstruction Surgery refers to retention of tendons from the body of the patient itself. The choice of ligament depends on the area of damage and ligament breakdown.

Types of autograft tendons are:

Autograft is the first preference of orthopaedic surgeons because there are least chances of re-rupturing of the replaced ligament. Also, the chances of infection after this procedure are negligible. Another advantage of hamstring autograft ACL reconstruction surgery is that it regenerates over time, which enhances the stability of grafting.

Allograft ACL Reconstruction Surgery: Allograft Patellar Tendon. Achilles Tendon Graft. Posterior Tibialis Management. Semitendinosus Gracilis Autograft ACL Reconstruction Surgery: Quadriceps Tendon Graft. The Patellar Tendon Graft. Hamstring Tendon Graft.

A person with the following symptoms requires ACL reconstruction surgery: Chronic pain in the knee Swelling of the knee joint after injury Knee instability and knee movement issues If you hear or feel pop sounds from the knee during the transition from one position to the next.

Doctors may not consider surgery on a patient with high diabetes, as there exist significant risk. A person is unfit for the surgery if he has other organ disorders like lung, heart or kidney failure. The surgeons may not proceed with surgery if patients have other chronic diseases; as it may prove to be fatal. Recovery from ACL surgery is difficult for obese patients so that the healthcare practitioner may suggest weight loss before the surgery. Also, the patient needs to avoid smoking, drinking and follow the balanced diet before the surgery. In short, the surgeon will analyze your complete medical history before deciding if you are a candidate for the surgical procedure or not.

The recovery time after ACL reconstruction surgery is generally six to nine months. The time highly depends on the recovery care and the careful behavior of the patient towards the instructions provided by the medical team.

After ACL reconstruction surgery, the recovery time is usually six to nine months. The period depends heavily on the recovery treatment and the patient's diligent conduct towards the medical team's orders.

Dr Pranjel Pipara is one of the finest orthopaedics in India. He has provided the ACL reconstruction surgeries with a 100% success record over the past decade and continues with his best-in-class medical services. All his patients are happy and highly satisfied after undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery, as they receive the expected outcome.

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