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Ankle Injury Treatment

Ankle injuries can happen while playing any sport due to improper lending of the foot during heel strike phase.

It can lead to ligament sprains around the ankle. when not properly diagnosed and treated these ligament sprains become chronic in nature leading to constant pain around the ankle and difficulty in running. ankle injuries can be treated conservatively with medicines and rehab , while surgery is indicated only in few select cases.

Ankle sprains are the most common ankle injury among regular athletes and weekend warriors.

Many athletes, however, who suffer from ankle sprains tend to play right through their injury, which can lead to lifelong problems with recurring sprains, unstable joints, arthritis-like pain or other complications like tendon or cartilage damage. And the earlier in life a sprain occurs, the higher the chance of recurrence. Therefore, it’s important to properly treat initial sprains, especially in young athletes.

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