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Rotator Cuff

Rotator cuff are a group of muscles acting around the shoulder joint. Tears in rotator cuff are often missed and must be investigated in case of below symptoms.

  • severe pain in the shoulder
  • radiating pain from shoulder to the whole upper limb and towrds neck
  • weakness felt during lifting of objects
  • pain during sleep in the shoulder
  • a proper clinical examination is required and if required MRI scan of the shoulder


Taking a view of the clinical and radiological investigations, a decision is made whether to treat patient conservatively or via an arthroscopic surgery.

Arthroscopically , the torn cuff is bought back to the level of its footprint with the help of suture anchors.The insertion are made raw for good healing of the cuff. Double Row repair of the rotator cuff is done which helps in early mobilization and good repair strength.

In cases of severe rotator cuff tears with poor muscle quality, if indicated Reverse Shoulder Artroplasty can also be performed.