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Should Treatment

Shoulder problems are more commonly encountered by athletes involved in overhead activity like fast bowlers, basketball players, and over head racket sports like badminton and tennis.

Due to improper technique or sudden occasional excessive loads on internal shoulder muscles it can lead to injuries of rotator cuff muscles( like supraspinatus and infraspinatus), tears in labrum leading to dislocation of the shoulder joint or injuries around the biceps tendon.
proper accurate diagnosis is of essence via a detailed examination by the sports injury surgeon(Arthroscopy surgeon).

Arthroscopy shoulder surgeries gives accurate details of injury and appropriate management of the same in single sitting ensuring the athlete returns back to his sporting activities at the earliest.

When you injure your shoulder, however slightly, you realize how much you rely on the joint to do everyday tasks. And since the shoulder joint is the loosest in the body, you can injure it in many different ways. If you’re experiencing the pain and stiffness in your shoulder from an injury, get medical help and guidance from the sports injury doctor in Ahmedabad,Gujarat, leading pain management specialists at ASSIC Sports Injury Clinic.

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Should Surgery for Pain relief