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Sports Medicine

Whats is sports medicine?

Its a branch of Sports Medicine which deals with both prevention and treatment of injuries related to sports and exercising.
In layman’s language it can be any injury that you can sustain while playing or exercising like a muscle pull, ligament injury or a dislocated joint or fracture.

Sports Injury is an evolving science dedicated to the injuries suffered by athletes during their professional or recreational sporting activities. its very essential for such sports person to be 100 % fit and return back to their sporting activities in the shortest time span possible.

Sports injury team comprises of an Arthroscopy surgeon as a lead team member along with physiotherapists dedicated to faster rehab protocols by use of high end equipments, pain relief modalities, EMS modality for regaining muscle power and use of unique Aqua therapy for faster joint mobilisation.

Arthroscopy surgeon decides the line of treatment for the patient: whether only physiotherapy modalities is required along with medicines or is there any need of an Arthroscopy Surgery of the joint.

Arthroscopy surgery is a key hole surgery of joints like knee, shoulder, ankle and hip. its minimally invasive surgery with the use of high end equipments which results in better diagnosis of problems and simultaneous solution during the surgery.

Knee arthroscopy is commonly done for meniscus tear and acl( anterior cruciate ligament)tear or injury along with pcl (posterior cruciate ligament )tear. arthroscopy is used for ACL reconstruction using either semitendinosus, quadriceps or peroneus longus grafts to substitute the natural torn ACL graft in knee.

for meniscus tears, now the option of early meniscus repairs is giving excellent results in selected tear configuration like bucket handle tears, longitudinal tears.

Knee injuries most commonly happen due to excessive rotational load on the knee as seen during landing while playing basketball, badminton, volleyball or due to sudden hyperextension injury of knee which happens in football. Another common cause of knee injury in India is fall from a 2 wheeler when the whole weight of the vehicle comes on the patient’s knee leading to ACL tears.

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